About Us

In 1920, Witcher Baptist Church started as a mission of Britton Baptist Church and held services on Sunday afternoon in the Oakdale Schoolhouse. By 1925 though, members of the church began planning a building of their own and started a building fund; going throughout the community asking for donations for the new church. Contributions for the church were received from both members and friends living in the area. In 1927, all of their hardwork had paid off as the church acquired a site on which to erect a new building. That building was completed in the fall of 1928 at a total cost of $5200.

In 1947, after the church had experienced some growth, a parsonage was built, which later became classroom space. That same parsonage later became the youth annex in 1990s. After some more growth it was decided that the church must expand in order to meet the demand and in 1975 the Fellowship Hall, Education Space and Kitchen were added. In order to meet the influx of people moving into the Witcher area a new sanctuary needed to be built and in 2003 that project was completed.

Now known as the Oakdale area, Witcher Baptist Church voted to rename themselves Oakdale Baptist Church in 2005 after they welcomed the newly hired Justin Ford as Pastor. Under his tenure the church has grown from approximentally 85 members to over 230 members. With the sharp increase in members and visitors attending services and Bible studies, the church voted to purchase 19 acres of land nestled in the heart of the Oakdale community.

This newly purchased land will facilitate even more growth at Oakdale as the church continues to grow while meeting the needs of the still expanding Oakdale area and its residents. While there are no plans to break ground soon, an architect drawing of the what the church could look like can be found in the foyer before and after services. The church is currently raising money for that building via their “Living Stone Campaign.”

Whether you’re a member, a guest, or someone who is simply doing their due diligence, there can be no question that Oakdale Baptist Church has been blessed by God. Their rich history, deep faith, and continued commitment to the community make it a place that any and all can come and feel welcomed.

Would you consider joining us as we strive to grow Stronger through Worship, Closer through Fellowship, Deeper through Discipleship, Broader through Ministry, and Larger through Outreach?