Sunday mornings are for Community Groups at OBC! We have four adult groups that meet from 9:45a – 10:45a. Groups are formed with age and stage of life in mind but also have a lot of diversity; we want to encourage you to try each one until you find the right fit for you! On top of great studies, we offer a coffee bar and a themed breakfast too!

Community groups are all about relationships because this is VERY important element to us here at OBC. We don’t want to just know one another casually, we want to “DO LIFE” together! That’s why Bible study in Community Groups are focused on real life applications and seeking direction for our lives.

Wilguess Community Group

Location: Fellowship Hall
Age Range: 30’s – 40’s

Dan Wilguess, Community Group Leader

Burns Community Group

Location: Oakdale School
Age Range: 40’s – 60’s


Robert Burns, Deacon

Loughridge Community Group

Location: Oakdale School
Age range: 30’s – 50’s


Jerome Loughridge

Senior Adult Community Group

Location: ¬†In the “red room”
Age Range: 60+


Kim Lanier, Community Group Leader

College and YA Community Group

Current Study:
Location:  Oakdale School
Age Range: 18 – College