Wednesdays @ 6:00p
Wednesday night is a relaxed time where students can play games, hang out, learn about God and have fun discussing our lesson for the week. The heart of this time is growing in our relationships with one another and growing deeper, together, in Christ. It’s a place that we want our students to feel comfortable inviting a friend. One function of Wednesday night studies is that students who invite their friends are able to tell them about the Gospel in a place where they are only a short distance from a leader that can help with difficult questions. We have Bible studies that are easy to understand for anyone, including students that may not have a church background.  This large group time is followed by breaking into small groups where the students can discuss and dig deeper into the meaning of the lesson and how that applies to their life.

Sundays @ 9:45a
Sunday morning is a deeper study time where we try to push our students to really study Scripture. It’s normally a smaller group which is great for this type of study as it provides less distractions and more interaction. It’s not just about digging into the Word but also trying to figure out ways to make sure Scripture has an effect in the lives of our students.  After all, we want them to not just be a scholar of the Word, but to be doers of the Word.