Why Does OBC Offer Online Giving?
It Encourages Consistency
Often, when we are away from home, we tend to neglect our tithe. Giving online allows us to give even when we are unable to attend services.
It Demonstrates Faithfulness
Selecting the automated giving option prevents our temptation to only give from what’s “left over.” The Bible challenges us to give our tithes before all other obligations.
It Provides Convenience
As long as we have Internet access, we can give at anytime, anywhere.
It Strengthens The Resources Of The Church
Online giving helps us to simplify the giving process, expediting the gifts you provide, and makes OBC better stewards of our resources.
Our Online Giving System also provides a convenient way for you to pay for things like . . .
- Church Camp Registration Fees
- Discipleship materials
- VBS t-shirts and music
- And much more!  
Tithes and Offerings (General Fund)
Living Stones (Capital Fundraising Campaign)
Benevolence Fund
Kitchen Donation
Other, Please Specify:

**ACH donations are temporarily limited to $1000; the process for removal of this limitation is underway. OBC apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause you; we are working to resolve this issue.

Transaction Type:
**If you use a mobile device you may not be able to print a transaction receipt but, rest assured, a receipt will be emailed to you.